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    coastguards of new zealand

    New Zealand is a land where ‘all roads lead to the coast’, and while that is an exaggeration for many of us, it is a truth we carry in our hearts. There is no location in New Zealand that is more than 130 km from the sea. I remember once arriving in Denver, Colorado and wondering what it must be like to live so far from the sea. My son in London recently commented that while he loved the great city, he often yearned for the ocean, with it’s different moods, colours and ubiquitous winds.

    New Zealand has a very long coastline, and it’s length can only be estimated. It is guessed to be somewhere between 15,000 to 18,000 km. The exact length is obscured by the twists and turns of many inlets, spits, bays, headlands, harbours and estuaries. Strangely the North Island although smaller than the South Island, has a longer coastline.

    About 60% of New Zealand’s coastline is rocky shore, with the other 40% being sandy or gravel shores. A massive 80% of the coastline is directly exposed to the sea which probably underlies our strong affinity with the ocean and salt water.

    One of our new Autumn collections of tees and sweatshirts has been inspired by New Zealand’s endless coastline and our yearning for it. We’ve designed a tee called ‘Coast Guard’ and it bears reference to people who love and get the ‘sea coast’ union – where things merge, play out and where many of us are irresistibly drawn.

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