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    navigate creatively — New Zealand

    outlier tee

    outlier black cotton tee | remember New Zealand | buy online
    the oxford english dictionary describes an Outlier as a person or thing detached or separated from the main body or system. From this point of view New Zealand could be described as an outlier. 4,000 km east of Australia and about 9000 km west of Chile, New Zealand sits all alone out in the middle of the southern Pacific.
    As a result of this isolation New Zealanders have developed some interesting traits. Described as having a number 8 wire culture early New Zealander’s had to fix machines, clothes, furniture etc way beyond their useful lives. Often using things they could find in their local environment. Number 8 wire was plentiful in the farming community and so became the symbol of the this self sufficient attitude.
    Our Outlier Tee reflects this interesting relationship between isolation and the rise of the Number 8 wire culture. The three dimensional line design looks formed from wire, but also hints at the idea of design drawings. Any new project needs to start with a plan and New Zealand as a new country is still in its formative years. A brand new country and culture forming all in physical isolation in the middle of the pacific.
    number 8 wire, symbol of New Zealand's make do attitude