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    festival wear

    festival wear from faraway NZ | New Zealand fashion 

    Faraway Girl festival wear

    Summer is officially here and the music festival line up is beckoning. Get mosh pit ready with these great light as a breeze layering dresses – just the thing to throw over your bikini or ripped up denim.

    Enjoy 35% off faraway girl over&out dresses and rock the festival state-of-mind. Rain or shine you’ll look the star.

    Some NZ music festivals happening in summer 2016/17

    Rhythm & Vines, Gisborne, Thurs 29 to Sat 31 December

    Northern Bass, Mangawhai, Thurs 29 to Sat 31 December

    Frequency – New Years Eve, Mt Maunganui, Sat 31 December to Sun 1 January

    Queenstown New Years Eve, Sat 31 December to Sun 1 January

    Bay Dreams, Mt Maunganui, Sun 1 to 2 January

    Sun & Sound, Takapuna, Sat 14 January

    River Range, Cromwell, 14 to 15 January

    Coastella Music Festival, Kapiti Coast, Sat 25 February

    Jim Beam Homegrown, Wellington, Sat 4 March

    Lincoln Selwyn Sounds, Lincoln, Sat 4 March

    Hokonui Moonshiners Festival, Gore, Sat 18 March

    road trips

    rearview mirror on a road trip
    true emancipation. 
    Ode to the Road. A brief observation that further illustrates the New Zealanders uncompromising ethos of freedom and individuality - our love of a road trip. It feeds our explorer spirit, the longing to wander, discover, as we move in cushioned comfort down grumbling arteries, following a dotted line like Hansel's crumbs to god knows where. Preferring the largely uncharted journeys with breathtaking views at every turn. A driving movie with a compelling plot. It's never about the destination, its just about the act of.

    introducing our cosy faraway merino blend fingerless gloves

    merino blend fingerless gloves | faraway NZ | buy online

    introducing our cosy faraway merino blend fingerless gloves, the ideal accessory in a land where there's endless seasons in one day. They're great for layering on any occasion, from all out action, work or lounging around home. Choose from either a wrist length, elbow or full arm. The latter lengths are just like detachable sleeves and team up perfectly with a tee or short sleeve dress.

    change the name


    aotearoa black cotton tee | farawaynz | New Zealand

    The latest referendum to change New Zealand’s national flag showed our hankering for a deeper sense of identity. The flag was not changed in the end, but perhaps we should first consider changing the name of our country to its Maori name ‘Aotearoa’. Maori is an official language of New Zealand, spoken by its indigenous people.

    There are also some more compelling reasons to use the Maori name instead of New Zealand for our country.

    • It just sounds better, more poetical and descriptive.
    • It better describes our land. The basic translation is as follows: Ao - cloud, dawn, daytime or world. Tea - white, clear or bright. Roa - long. Usually the translation is ‘land of the long white cloud.’ But alternate translations could be ‘long bright world’ or ‘land of the long day,’ referring perhaps to the length of days and the bright quality of our sunlight.

    The Maori name is more descriptive of the land we live in. Clouds and cloudy days are ubiquitous in Aotearoa. It also alludes to our seafaring origins, both Maori and European as the great bank of clouds are often the first thing sailors see when the approach the shores of Aotearoa. Mountain ranges create standing waves of long lenticular clouds anchored to these island far out in the South Pacific.

    So the name and the land are tied together.

    Our English name, New Zealand, on the other hand is pretty unexciting with no easily traceable origins. It is thought Captain Cook translated it into English from the Dutch ‘Zealandia Nova’, meaning ‘new sea land’ or that he named it after the Danish island, Zealand. A pretty utilitarian name for a scattering of ‘new’ islands deep in the Pacific Ocean.

    At Faraway, we believe Aotearoa is a better sobriquet for the beautiful island nation we live in. So we have a number of slogan print designs in our collections. The number 00 refers to midnight or zero o’clock the start of each new day in the world.

    east 180 and what it means

    east 180 raglan sleeve tee | cotton tees | New Zealand

    east 180 raglan long sleeve tee

    The 180th meridian, also known as the anti-meridian lies 180° east or west of the prime meridian, These two great meridians form an imaginary circle around the globe. This great longitudinal circle forms the international dateline. Apparently it was chosen because it crosses mainly ocean. But the history of it suggests the French and British competed on whether it should go through Greenwich or Paris, so that's up for debate?

    It is a method for co-ordinating the world’s time. New Zealand lies just a few degrees west of this dateline [approximately east 180°] and therefore we're right on the edge of tomorrow, at the beginning of each new day.

    If you go east of New Zealand you fly into yesterday, while if you fly towards New Zealand you travel forward in time. New Zealanders live in a world where events occur yesterday. We're always in the future, an interesting place to be.